Seeking to ensure that every resident of Kisumu County can enjoy clean, potable and accessible water supply, KIWASCO and KUAP entered in a partnership to work together for the benefit of residents of Nyalenda and Obunga settlements.
Whether it is the commitment to increasing piped water supply or turning the City into a more health-conscious place or empowering communities to be in charge of projects, the importance of water in urban settlements is critical.

On 18 September 2017, KIWASCO Managing Director Eng. David Onyango and KUAP Kenya Programmes Director Sr. Bernadette Nealon, officially signed the Memorandum of Understanding and opened a new chapter to be part of the solution to the problems bedeviling slum dwellers especially on water, hygiene and sanitation by promoting safer, healthier and better futures and enhancing the voice of marginalized slum-dwellers.

The attendees included representatives from KIWASCO, KUAP and Practical Action, who are also partners to this project. During the ceremony that was held at KIWASCO’S offices, KIWASCO MD said that, “the world is moving to Cities and I challenge leaders to prepare for this early enough so that there is no crisis. I am glad that we are giving communities the responsibility of managing water and this is the kind of public participation we encourage.”

The MD continued, “I speak with confidence today that there is no case of cholera that has been reported in Kisumu in more than 10 years. This demonstrates that this was never a problem of the people but for lack of clean water.”

KUAP Kenya Programmes Director remarked that the organization runs a lot of projects especially those on preventive health and has actively participated in tackling the cholera issue.
Mathew Okello, the Project manager for Practical Action Kisumu praised KIWASCO on this bold initiative and expressed his satisfaction towards the milestones the company has made. He recognized the contribution of development partners in the company’s success and urged development partners to do much more to change the City of Kisumu.

The expected outcome of this project is to strengthen informal settlement residents in Obunga and Nyalenda through Neighborhood Planning Associations (NPAs) to be actively involved in water and sanitation issues. The project is also expected to facilitate about 2,500 residents of these settlements to gain improved supply and coverage of affordable water & sanitation facilities and services.