Water Treatment & Supply

The Plumbing has been in business since 1978

Water treatment & Supply

KIWASCO has two water treatment plants, that is Dunga and Kajulu water treatment plant. Dunga water treatment plant is able to produce 44000m3 per day while Kajulu produces 36000m3 per day. The current demand in the city is 58000m3, which is below our total treatment capacity of 80000m3 per day. Currently we split water production, Kajulu serving 60% while Dunga serves 40% through gravity and pumping respectively.

Our water supply coverage stands at 82%. The Company has 34,000 connections, 82 per cent of which are domestic customers, 8% is commercial while 1% government.

We offer the following water services:

  1. Sale of potable water.
  2. Bulk water sale.
  3. Laboratory water quality tests for private water services

The benefits of our water services include

  1. Clean high quality water
  2. Affordable prices to all consumers
  3. Professional service
  4. Quick response to customer needs and complaints
  5. Convenient and reliable water supply