Sanitation Service

Sewerage & Sanitation Services

The company recently expanded its mandate to incorporate sanitation and this included change of name from ‘sewerage’ to ‘sanitation’.

We have two sewerage treatment facilities, Kisat Conventional Sewerage Plant, with a capacity of 8,000 m3 per day and Nyalenda Oxidation ponds with a capacity of 18,000 m3 per day. Currently, only an estimated 18 per cent of the city’s residents are connected to the central sewerage system. The customers on sewerage network are low since most households use individual septic tanks and also pit latrines especially in the informal settlements.

The company has purposed to enter into partnerships with sanitation-related organizations along the value chain such as Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), Sanergy, Sanivation, Quercus group etc in order to fill the gap of the 82% coverage that is not taken care of.

Some of the efforts we have made are:

Through AFWA we have benefited from funding on capacity building to enable us deliver City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation.

  • Kisumu Pit emptiers – in the low-income areas, more people use pit latrines which they empty from time to time. The pit emptiers had numerous challenges that included; emptying in the open areas, working only at night since the job was seen as degrading among other challenges. To help clear this up, Kiwasco engaged these groups and since then we have helped them by;
  1. Capacity building,
  2. Allowing them to dispose in our lagoons,
  3. Equip them with relevant tools for the work
  4. Branding of the groups
  5. Demystifying the fecal waste in the communities


  • Scaling the sanitation service chain partnership with private business enterprises:
  1. Public Private Partnership – as we focus on re-use and value addition on fecal sludge management, we have identified organizations that major on the same and so far, KIWASCO has signed MOU with the these organizations. And this will mean that all wastes will be managed and used appropriately.
  2. Incentives – In Obunga we have sourced for funds to discourage open defecation and direct disposal into water bodies. Currently we are working on improving 200 toilets by giving incentives of up to 20USD for each toilet rehabilitated or built. Our target is to upscale 2000 by the end of the year. The design is friendly enough to enable the decent and hygienic pit emptying.


  • Through other stakeholders we acquired 2 exhausters to help in emptying the septic tanks at affordable rates within Kisumu city and its environs
  • The sludge from the waste water treatment plant is sold at affordable rates to be used in tree and flower planting. Future plans are under way to add value and sell the product as organic manure to support support Agri-business.

Sanitation services include:

  • Treatment of waste water
  • Sale of sludge
  • Exhauster services

Why Choose Us?

  • Effective disposal of sewer in an environmental friendly way
  • Quick response to unblock blocked sewer lines
  • Maintenance of sewer lines