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About Project

  • Construction of water supply distribution systems; Construction of Kajulu Intake Water Treatment Works and raw water pipelines; Construction of sewerage system, Nyalenda Ponds and Pumping Station

Project Impact

  • Increased the Water Treatment Capacity to 80,000m3/day hence surpassing the water demand currently, Increased bulk water transmission, Reservoir Capacity increased by 25,500m3 (new reservoirs) and further improvement of waste water treatment facilities.

About Project

  • Construction of Water Treatment Plant at Dunga of Capacity 24,000m³/day
  • Construction of contact tank 1,400m³/day
  • Construction of a new Pump House with 2 high lift pumps

Project Impact

  • Increased water treatment capacity to a total of 46,000m3/day to meet the water demand and stabilized the bulk water transmission to the reservoirs further
  • Long-Term Action Plan – LTAP

About Project

  • Water supply – construction of clear water transmission main from Dunga Treatment Plant; Rehabilitation of existing networks about 22km; Extension of networks in the informal settlements of Nyalenda and Manyatta
  • Sewerage Collection System – partial rehabilitation of Kisat Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant and Nyalenda Waste Stabilization Ponds.

Project Impact

  • Stabilized bulk water transmission to Kibuye Reservoir, improved DMM lines in informal settlements of Nyalenda and Manyatta and partially improved the performance of the Waste water Plants