Speakers at the conference

  • Governor of Kisumu, Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o
  • Excellencies
  • Distinguished guests
  • Ladies and gentlemen

Good morning!

It is with great pleasure that I extend to you a warm welcome, to the City of Kisumu and to Kisumu County Water Investment Conference. A very special welcome to our keynote speaker, speakers and panelists. We are very grateful that you graciously accepted to participate in this conference at that level.

This investment conference was the brainchild of our Governor, when he met the Board of KIWASCO for the first time, and challenged us to organize a conference on water that can bring together key stakeholders, thought leaders and practitioners to reflect on what can be done to transform the water use in Kisumu. I am very proud that through the tireless work of the organizing committee, we have today brought that idea to life with an appropriate theme: ‘Exploring opportunities for investment in water in Kisumu County’. The day will be fast-paced as we have a lot to discuss under the five themes in the program.

I am confident that we shall manage the time well so as to get the maximum output from the conference. In the last 15years, there has been immense interest in Kisumu by various international partners keen to work with us on various projects including water. The interest in water in Kisumu has seen development partners put in a substantial amount of money that has completely changed our water supply situation. Today, we are proud to be the only city in Kenya that is water secure until the year 2030.

There is however other areas in which the available water has not been used optimally for the benefit of our people. History reminds us how the State of California was transformed by water, from a desert to the 5th largest world economy. In Europe, the Netherlands has used its water to build Rotterdam one of the largest ports; and also build a thriving diary sector.

It therefore behoves us to exploit the continued interests in Kisumu and convert them to opportunities that will launch us on a transformative trajectory of development. This conference is part of that effort. I am confident that our collective thought and wisdom will yield new and innovative ideas that can attract investment.

In concluding, I wish to say that when opportunities meet preparation, many call it luck. The Romans called it Carpe Diem : Seize the moment!. Let us collectively seize the moment for Kisumu.
I wish you all a great conference. Thank you.

Eng. David Onyango, HSC
Managing Director