Lodging Complaint

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Lodging Complaint

Customer reports complaints in person, telephone or in writing or by sending a text to 40222 with the format “KIWASCO complaint”, e.g. “KIWASCO burst near Kanyamedha school”.

The complaint is received by any company employee either in the field by field officers and or in the office by Customer Care Executives.

The complaint is recorded in the system and the customer receives a text with the ticket number. Ensuring that the following details are correctly recorded:

  • Customers name, account number and address plus phone number
  • Nature of complaint
  • Person responsible for action
  • Expected action and date as per company policy

In case of complaints requiring more than the specified time of action, the company will communicate such delays to the customer within 12 hours before deadline.

Customers who are dissatisfied with action taken by staff can appeal directly to the Managing Director through the company’s contacts.

Customers can also make further appeals if still dissatisfied to the WAB or LVSWSB.