Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

1.Normally we replace faulty meters that we find in the field, but if that is not the case, simply request for a meter test through our hotlines 057 500 7000 or by sending a text message to our toll-free code 40222. For example, “Faulty meter at Kanyamedha near school” send to “40222”.


One of our corporate core values is integrity, hence we ensure all our staff embrace honesty and truthfulness in discharging our responsibilities. In case of any suspected case of corruption cases, report to us through any of our communication channel.

Simply download the form or pick it from our offices fill it attaching the required documents then bring it to the office for survey and onward quotation.

All things held constant, it takes 5 working days and any delays will be communicated appropriately

We don’t charge you for serving and reading your meter however, we will charge you kshs 500 for meter test upon your request

Simply text “ leak/sewer at (give physical location)” send to “40222”. (it’s a toll free number hence free of charge)


To get your bill simply text the word “bill” followed by account number to 40222 e.g. bill 45000000163-01 send to 40222

Kiwsco is mandated to provide water and sanitation services throughout the city of Kisumu

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