Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"

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Staff examine the river before commencing the cleaning exercise

Staff of Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company together with the County government of Kisumu and other WASH stakeholders converged at Kasagam DC grounds to celebrate World Water Day 2016. This year’s theme is water and jobs. Today almost half of the world’s workers work in water-related sectors and nearly all jobs depend on water and those that ensure its safe delivery. The day’s theme focused on how enough quantity and quality of water can change workers’ lives and livelihoods and even transform societies and economies.

Organizers of this event at the county level set up a sub-theme of restoring Auji River. The river is one of the tributaries of Lake Victoria which is a main economic hub for the lakeside city. Many of the rivers which drain into this Fresh water lake are mostly polluted and as a county we have decided to take up the responsibility of restoring them. The World Water Day served as the launch of a series of cleaning and tree planting exercises that will be taking place in the river.

The cleaning exercise underway

KIWASCO, the main Water and Sewerage services provider in the county was recognized by several speakers for its efforts in supplying water in the county and also ensuring proper sanitation. The Managing Director of the company, Eng David Onyango elaborated how the theme of the day resonates well with the company’s slogan of ‘Refreshing Life’. He urged the participants to think about all the good things water gives, because water not only keeps us alive but makes life worth living. Even as this year’s celebration is gone, let us take up individual efforts in water conservation and together let us make every drop count!