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H. E Governor Jack Ranguma
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen
When the UN declared 23 years ago that 22nd day of March be the World Water Day, the UN was forcing us to dedicate a day on which we can focus our attention on the importance of water and the need for sustainable management.As a water professional, I really feel proud that we have maintained this tradition over the years, and today is no exception, as we celebrate this important occasion. As we often do at milestone evidents, we think today about our dreams of the past and our hopes for the future. The UN had a dream about this day as an occasion to reflect on:

  • Access to clean affordable water
  • Protection of water resources and aquatic habitats
  • Required improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries.

Today’s theme is a continued reflection of the dreams of the founders of the day i.e Water and Jobs – Better water, Better jobs. The theme resonates very well with our slogan at KIWASCO – Refresh Life. How do we refresh life? We refresh life when we provide water to support hotels and tourism, We refresh life when we provide water to support agri-business processing. We refresh life when we provide water to industries to produce life sustaining products And finally, we refresh life when we provide you with water for drinking, cooking, bathing and drain your waste water.

About 1.5Billion of world population is employed in water and water related business. That demonstrates the opportunity that water has to create even more and better jobs. As we recognize that the dreams of those day are still valid today as they were 23 years ago, we turn to the future with hope as we strive to manage the emerging challenges which are:

  • Rapid urbanization : slums, drainage problems, sanitation
  • Depleted water resources/quality : Decreasing lake levels, silt load in rivers and lakes
  • Old infrastructure – NRW : budgetary limitations
  • Global warming – floods and droughts : El-Nino, La-Nina
  • SDGs No. 6: Human right to water

Dreams from the past also enables us to rededicate ourselves to the ideals of the past that have propelled us this far in our quest to satisfy the needs of our population with regard to supply of quality, adequate water. As I conclude, I wish to say that water just doesn’t keep us alive, it gives us almost everything that makes life worth living – so take a moment today to celebrate all the good things water gives. Thank you for your kind attention.