Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"

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Staff replacing the old lines

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Let me start by saying that I am very happy to see very many familiar faces here in the room. I am also happy to see that well-respected individuals and organizations have honoured our invitation to this special occasion. I would like to thank you for your commitment and engagement, and I welcome you all to this very special day for Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company.

Water is an indispensable commodity and as such, Kiwasco endeavors to ensure that all residents in Kisumu County have access to potable water as per the Sustainable Development Goal 6. The Government is also committed to fulfilling the SDGs and has continued to focus on improving the management and protection of water resources for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. New water supply projects have been constructed, old ones rehabilitated and, expansion of existing water supplies. Consequently, water supply coverage across the country has improved. The government has made concerted efforts together with development partners to enhance water coverage, sewerage infrastructure improvement, irrigation and dam construction.

In the year 2015, Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company successfully completed and commissioned the Football for Wash project. The project was meant to improve access to water and sanitation in four primary schools in Kisumu East constituency. Other projects that progressed in the year include:

  1. Pamoja Trust project in Obunga and Manyatta – this saw construction of infrastructure for water and sewer services in Manyatta and Obunga
  2. LTAP 3 – Construction of sewerage system, Nyalenda ponds and pumping station
  3. Vitens Evides project – Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of water production and distribution operations with components of pro poor services delivery and waste water collection and distribution
  4. Sewer improvement project with LVEMP II at Kisat – Primary sedimentation tank, 1 No. Trickling filter, 1No. Sedimentation tank and 1No. Sludge digester.

Total assets increased by 7% due to infrastructure expansion to better our services to customers. Consequently, the customer base increased by 5,696 number of connections from 18,654 (2014) to 24,350 (2015) signifying a 31% increase. However, customer growth was grossly affected by road constructions around the city that led to destruction of water and sewer pipes.

Water coverage increased from 68% (2014) to 70% (2015). This shows that the company is making significant steps towards increasing reach to the customers despite the huge capital costs required. So far areas like Otonglo, Kisian, Kanyamedha, Mamboleo, Wathorego, Kibos, Chiga, Nyamasaria, Mowlem and Orongo now have piped water.

As a company, we continue to discharge the added mandate given to us by the County Government of Kisumu in managing Gulf and Nyanas Water Companies to profitability. The Project 3to1 intended to turn-around these Companies is still under operation. Ladies and gentlemen, KIWASCO is a star that does not only shine in Kisumu but also nationally. During the WASREB Impact 9 launch, the Company received an award for being the best WSP in the LVSWSB area. In addition, the company emerged the best WSP in Corporate governance assessment. The exemplary performance registered by KIWASCO saw the County government of Kisumu emerge the third best County in water service provision.

Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited has aligned itself with the new constitutional dispensation to serve Kenyans at both National and County levels of government. The Board is actively engaged in activities aimed at increasing and sustaining the organization to meet the service needs of its customers. The Board remains committed to deepening relationships with its stakeholders and key partners. Further the Board shall endeavor to develop its people and pursue innovative and cost effective methods of improving service delivery to the customers.

Dear stakeholders, I invite you to actively engage with us today and let this forum yield meaningful results that will propel all of us to a better future.

Thank you all.