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Staff replacing the old lines

Good evening! Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in the history of water service delivery in Kisumu. Our commitment to champion the values of integrity, accountability and citizens’ trust in providing equitable, accessible, and quality water and sewer services for all residents of Kisumu has led us to this inspiring journey. From our humble beginnings, we have now reached new heights as KIWASCO officially unveils Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001:2008. ISO standards, being strategic tools that draw on international expertise and experience, are vital resource when developing regulations and systems, both in financing and service delivery. By integrating ISO standards in crafting regulations, the public is assured of improved quality of services, safety, and increased productivity and efficiency

My government has statutory requirements that are geared towards the practice and establishment of good governance and institutionalization of Quality Management System (QMS). These are statutes that promote integrity, accountability and aim to prevent graft and corruption. Consistent with the ongoing reforms in the water sector following the enactment of the Water Act 2002, I want to add my voice as I seek to persuade all of you as well as other utility providers, to embrace world class management systems, which are driven by firm customer-focused processes. It is imperative that we continue improving service delivery to our residents who expect nothing but the best from us. Kenya is becoming a more open society and with the new constitution, which makes water a fundamental human right, water service and utility providers must rise to the occasion so as to ensure that residents get access to quality and reliable as well as affordable water. Water service provision is now a devolved function, meaning that the County is now charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all residents are able to access clean water. My Government has reiterated its commitment to this mandate and to many others over and over. And as a demonstration of this commitment, my Government has mandated KIWASCO to manage the supply of water throughout the county. This process is ongoing. Thus far, small utilities like Gulf Water and Nyakach Water supplies are now under the management of KIWASCO.

The County Government, along with other stakeholders are working together and investing in the utilities to ensure their effectiveness. To date we have made significant progress and I appreciate the efforts made by KIWASCO to make it possible. Many utilities have massive fear of service delivery to the informal settlements thereby subjecting a vast population of residents in those areas to a myriad challenges related to inadequate water supply or lack of it thereof. I am happy to report that KIWASCO piloted and has now rolled out a robust platform to serve the over 60% of Kisumu people living in low-income areas. The Delegated Management Model (DMM) is a new and innovative platform that is continuing to sell across Africa. I, therefore, take pride in the people who have worked very hard to achieve this feat. We now share an interdependent relationship of having an institutionalized government quality management infrastructure that satisfies the requirements of international standards and recognition. Now, more than ever, we have an integrated yet seamless network of processes and systems that make us united. As you all know, the success of a single entity is the success of all, yet the opposite is also true. We have faced many challenges, but surely more will come. We shall face many more – whether in the form of planning, building technological readiness leadership capacities, logistics upgrading, enhancing good governance, or performing other activities. As this county’s leader in water service provision, you must stand in confidence and continue to catalyze robust actions in providing quality water services so that in serving our people, you make a difference in someone else’s life until we achieve universal standards. This indeed, is our commitment to the residents of Kisumu and all our beloved countrymen. This ISO certification we are celebrating today; brings with itself greater commitment to higher standards, quality service and customers focus. THIS IS WHAT WE MUST DO!! Thank you!