Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"


KIWASCO was established through the reforms that took place in the water sector nationally and based on the decision to privatise essential services. The Company was established in July 2003 as an independent company after the transformation of the water and sewerage department of the Kisumu Municipal Council. The core objective of KIWASCO is to make the water and sewerage services provision a commercial activity that generates sufficient revenue to sustain its operations.


"To be the most admired services provider."


"To improve the quality of life."

Our Values

  1. Integrity:We strive to be honest, fair, and ethical in our dealings.
  2. Customer Intimacy:We respect and respond courteously to our customers.
  3. Professionalism:We adhere to strict professional standards in our duties.
  4. Innovation:We seek to improve the customer's experience and excel in service delivery.
  5. Work hard and have fun:We are passionate about our work, and enjoy serving the community.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter is an affirmation of our commitment to the Water Sector Reforms as enshrined in the Water Act 2002. Commercialization of the water and sewerage services unleashed the challenge to utilities to strive to be responsive and accountable to consumers. KIWASCO therefore must ensure customer satisfaction through innovative initiatives geared towards continual improvement of quality of service delivery. Our company has taken bold steps in this direction and this Charter is another step. Further commitments to service quality are amplified by our vision.

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